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Removing obstacles to your success, so you can focus on profits and expansion.

Immersing ourselves in your business means we can execute best practice across all finance, processes, strategy, governance and risk areas for your business.

We can help you to:

  • establish or restructure your business

  • implement new business technologies

  • manage finances and cash flow effectively

  • plan tax outcomes to avoid surprises

  • optimise profits to increase owner income

Your business is an ecosystem of processes, people and systems. The challenge is to get all the parts working so your business can grow without it consuming your life. 

Whether you are trying to solve a specific problem or create a long term plan, we start by looking at where you are now… how you got there… what you missed… where you want to get to… and what the next steps should be.

Think of us as your internal finance team:

With professional accounting services:

Customer Testimonials

I have benefited tremendously from the services Electra Frost Advisory provides - they're an indispensable contributor to my business's growth. They ensure that all of our financial records are accurately maintained, leaving no room for errors or discrepancies. 

This newfound clarity in my financial records has saved valuable time and allowed for a more focused approach to business development.

They assisted us with thorough product costing analysis, meticulously analysing each product's production cost, factoring overheads and expenses. 
Armed with these insights, I’ve been able to make informed pricing decisions, leading to increased profitability and improved competitiveness in the market.

My business now operates with greater efficiency and profitability, allowing me to focus on expanding and exploring new opportunities. Their professional handling of bookkeeping, payroll management, product costing analysis, profitability, and cash flow tracking has proven invaluable in the growth of my business. I confidently recommend their services to fellow business owners seeking a partner in their pursuit of financial success.

  • Coco Reynolds. Designer and Owner - Marz Designs 

"Working with Electra and her team means I know my bookkeeping and accounting are done right. From the beginning, they streamlined my bookkeeping, BAS, and end of year tax accounting. The team is extremely knowledgeable and guides me on all aspects of my taxes and financials. This frees me up to focus on my business of publishing new books, and gives me great peace of mind."

Anna Hackett
USA Today Bestselling Author



"Their fabulous team has always looked after my affairs in a rigorous and systematic manner. I feel in great hands because they are knowledgeable, highly reliable and work prudently, yet striving for the best results. Their approach is modern and streamlined, their fees are transparent, and everyone goes the extra mile, providing precious peace of mind for clients."

Giordana Cocco

"Since Electra's team took charge of my monthly accounting, managing my finances has been a breeze. Their transparency is exceptional and their tax planning provides me with peace of mind and time to focus. With their top-notch responsiveness and efficiency, I've received invaluable advice in a timely manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services!"

Christopher Ferrie
Author and Director, Eigensystems

"Electra and her team have been an integral part of the journey of our business, including the growth we’ve experienced in the last few years. They ensure that our financials are always in good shape. I’ve also appreciated their time and patience when teaching us new systems and alerting us to better ways of managing our financial situation."

Monica Davidson
Creative Plus Business


"Working with Electra Frost Advisory on monthly accounting using Xero and cash flow tracking has given us real time data insights for our business which has informed our financial decision making. Accurate tax reporting means no surprises and our up-to-date records not only has helped in budgeting and forecasting but has helped us with applications for finance."

Wassim Bazzi
Bazzi Studios

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