Accounting for Accountants

Freeing you to prioritise client engagements and unlock your full fee-earning potential

Being able to do everything in the business doesn't necessarily mean you should do everything.

As a small accounting and tax practice owner since 2008, my affairs were entirely managed in-house. After all, I was the best so why pay someone else to do it? However, when my practice was in growth and reinvention mode, outsourcing our bookkeeping and payroll let us divert capacity to meeting our clients' new advisory demands.

Although I was benefiting my clients, I wasn't getting the level of advisory and accountability that I needed from a professional who truly understood my business model and goals.  Now I realise we want to empower other accountants' growth through our full scope of services.

Delegate it to us!

Bookkeeping and internal finance services


The ultimate time saver! Outsourcing your entire internal finance and bookkeeping functions to us ensures all receivables and payables are transacted as budgeted for, with real-time cash visibility and tight controls.

Payroll services


A reliable, outsourced full-service payroll solution to ensure accuracy and compliance, aimed at minimising friction between you and your employees. Offering core HR, rosters & timesheets, and productivity monitoring.

Advisor collaboration space


A dedicated collaboration chat space with your adviser and bookkeeper for quick, friendly, conversational exchanges of information, insights and queries, M-F.

Accounting and Reporting


Monthly reporting framework and deliverables are  tailored to your business model, providing transparency throughout your entire operation. Management report packs include financials, metrics, budget variances to identify costs savings/trends, benchmarks, contributions analysis by services and customer segment, and more.

Monthly advisory and forecasting


We know you're the best adviser for your business!... and you rely on us to help inform your decisions. Meeting monthly, we measure real data against your assumptions and guide your strategic planning relating to sustainability, growth and expansion. Budgets & forecasts updated, compliance checks and action items.

Tax calculations and planning

Year round

Your statutory obligations are continuously forecasted and calculated as a result of our monthly accounting process. We can discuss and document your tax arguments, and assist with your tax strategies as needed.

We love speaking with other accountants! Get in touch with Electra Frost today for a no-obligations chat.

Before you call, make a few notes about how feel about working on your own business finances, reporting, obligations, planning etc:

1. What you are good at and enjoy doing (capitalise on)
2. What you are good at but don't enjoy doing (delegate)
3. What you are not good at but enjoy doing (learn)
4. What you are not good at and don't enjoy doing (delegate)