Bitcoin Business & Accounting Services

Getting all your sats in a row

Our mission is to smoothly integrate ₿itcoin with your company's finances and operations. First we get to know you and your business to make sure we're a good fit, then we draft a tailored plan.

We'll then get on a call to show you what we have in mind and how we can work together.  Our goals will be to resolve any immediate issues and systemise your accounting processes to address your needs all year-round. 

Putting bitcoin on the balance sheet since 2014

We were amongst the earliest adopters of cloud technologies, specialising in international tax and digital business, and look forward to a decentralised borderless economy. As such, we're deeply invested in Bitcoin and blockchain education and innovate within our own practice to support our clients' evolving business models.

Ask us about bookkeeping and accounting processes for bitcoin, NFTs, foreign currencies, and more

We can help you capture, account for and declare all cryptocurrency and innovation activities within your business. 

With management reports to inform your business decisions ALL YEAR ROUND, not just at tax-time

  • Establishing or restructuring your business entity

  • Crypto bookkeeping and software set-up

  • Record keeping processes and controls

  • Payroll and expense management

  • Bitcoin and Lightning payment systems

  • Preparation of Australian Tax Returns

  • ATO representation and advocacy

  • International Tax matters

  • Tax planning to minimise risk and avoid surprises

  • Monthly management reporting

  • Budgets, cash flow and cost analysis

  • Financial accounting and reports

Note: We're accountants, not financial planners. No investment advice.

We work with entrepreneurs and freelancers who, like us, are proving the legitimacy and advantages of using bitcoin in business.

Managing the books yourself can take hours on end and they are usually left to late at night. This causes undue stress and anxiety. Our first conversations will be about your records management, tax obligations and cash flow, to identify and remove any obstacles to your success. 

Don't leave it til after end of financial year.

The sooner we can launch a plan to put you in control, the better!

Our clients don't worry about tax. It's just another business expense in the budget, projected and set aside for, lodged and paid on time every time. We want you to focus on profits.

Our fees:

We're not a cheap tax return preparer to rubber stamp your figures. We're not the most expensive, either. Our fees are reasonable for experienced advisors with tailored solutions that significantly improve outcomes and reduce risks for business owners.

We're transparent and quote upfront

We request payment in bitcoin